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What Should I Expect at my First Massage Appointment?

Over the past several months, we have gotten several new massage therapy patients, and many of them have the same questions. So I've been inspired to write this blog to hopefully address the common question: "What should I expect to happen at my massage appointment?" INTAKE FORMS At any clinic or spa that offers Registered…
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Is Your Massage Therapist Right for You?

Have you ever had someone tell you that they had "THE BEST" massage ever? Then they insist that 'you HAVE to' go see their Massage Therapist? And when you finally do book in, it turns out that you hated it!? Just because someone else thinks their therapist is "THE BEST" doesn't make them so for…
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New Year, Old Resolution

Yes, a New Year! 2019 is going to be exciting, right? January is that time that so many of us set out our resolutions. And so often, we fail. Goodness, why? That's a good question. How often have you set the SAME goal for yourself? "This year I'll lose 25 pounds" or "This year I'll…
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Hello Snow, Please Don’t Hurt Me!

As winter quickly approaches, the daunting task of cleaning up our driveways is looming.  Many meteorologists are predicting a 'colder-than-normal' winter. With that, I'm sure we can all expect a fair amount of the white stuff. While snow gets me excited for ski season, shovelling snow is definitely less fun. And if you rush it,…
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