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What to Expect for Your First Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Treatment

During your first acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist will be looking to gather as much information about your health and lifestyle as possible to help determine where your overall imbalances lie.  They will start by asking about your chief complaint, or what brought you into the clinic that day. They will be looking for details of…
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Common Injuries in Endurance Athletes and Thoughts on Prevention

As both a Chiropractor and an Endurance Coach working with and developing training programs for triathletes, runners and cyclists I have a multifaceted role in helping athletes prevent, treat and rehab injuries.  Each training cycle seems to bring with it a regular series of injuries that could be prevented. Overall, a dedicated program of stretching…
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What Should I Expect at my First Massage Appointment?

Over the past several months, we have gotten several new massage therapy patients, and many of them have the same questions. So I've been inspired to write this blog to hopefully address the common question: "What should I expect to happen at my massage appointment?" INTAKE FORMS At any clinic or spa that offers Registered…
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Is Your Massage Therapist Right for You?

Have you ever had someone tell you that they had "THE BEST" massage ever? Then they insist that 'you HAVE to' go see their Massage Therapist? And when you finally do book in, it turns out that you hated it!? Just because someone else thinks their therapist is "THE BEST" doesn't make them so for…
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