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  • Dr. Patrick Maziarz, DC

    Dr. Patrick Maziarz is a Chiropractor with over a decade of experience in…

  • Rei Kodra, RMT

    Rei joins MiltonBackDoc as of Monday April 4th. BIO COMING SOON! Rei is…

  • Tuan Ngo, RMT

    Tuan joined MiltonBackDoc in October of 2021 after several years experience. He is…

  • Dr. Kandice Kissoondath, DC

    Dr. Kandice's journey into chiropractic started in her University co-op rotation when she…

  • Julianne Dainard, RMT

    Julianne started with MiltonBackDoc in May of 2016. Julianne was an Athletic Therapist,…

  • Dr. Erika Kuehnel

    Dr. Kuehnel is a Canadian trained chiropractor & registered massage therapist, fully registered…

Why People Choose MiltonBackDoc?

Thoughtful, Quality, Evidence Based Care.

Our therapists all possess excellent research-based, quality education in a variety of manual therapy techniques and participate in regular continuing education in their fields. Treatment at MiltonBackDoc is customized to each patient, implementing current best practices while considering each person’s individual goals. We support cross-referral between the health care professionals within our office as well as externally within the community to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate treatment for their current situation. Not only do our patients benefit from treatments toward their current complaints but they are also educated regarding how to manage their symptoms at home as well as how to prevent future occurrences. This means that patients are required to spend less time in the office, and more time doing the things they enjoy!

Caring, Considerate, Compassionate Care

Everyone at our office understands that patients need to be able to follow the proposed treatment plans in order to get better, regardless of other life challenges/commitments. Our staff and therapists work diligently to ensure that treatment plans take into account patients’ schedules, financial constraints, and physical limitations which may limit their compliance with treatment. As such, we offer daytime, evening, and weekend appointments for all our services. For those patients that have difficulty attending the office for treatment, we offer in-home services at a price comparable to our office rates, to ensure that accessibility is never a barrier to great care. In addition, we provide complimentary consultations for those patients who are not sure of which service would be the most beneficial – this ensures that the patient and the therapist are able to make an informed decision regarding the best course of treatment from the first interaction. We work together as a team, allowing patients to move between therapists as needed, while ensuring consistency and communication throughout the treatment plan.

Administrative Support.

MiltonBackDoc is registered with every insurance company that offers direct billing for paramedical services. This means that in most cases, we are able to bill directly to extended health insurance companies, saving patients the out-of-pocket expenses and associated paperwork. For those plans that do not allow for direct-billing, we can assist with the submission to ensure that patients are reimbursed promptly. We are registered with FSCO (the Financial Services Commission of Ontario) and with the WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board), which means that we accept patients who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions or at work. Our office is experienced in working with both of these organizations and are able to help guide patients through the process which ensures that the appropriate paperwork is completed in an accurate and timely fashion.
We have a 24 hour voicemail setup for your convenience, and an email account that is continuously monitored so that no questions go unanswered. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


MiltonBackDoc is open Monday through Saturday, with appointment times ranging from 9:00am to 8:00pm. Bookings can be made by phone or email. We offer email reminders 2-3 days in advance which offers lots of time to arrange a more convenient time should a patient need to reschedule their appointment. As mentioned, direct billing services are available for those with eligible plans. Receipts and statements can be issued at any time, and can be provided electronically or in hard copy. The clinic, situated at 345 Steeles Avenue East in the new Re/Max building, provides ample free parking located just beside and behind the building.
Our staff includes 3 massage therapists and 2 chiropractors as well as administrative support. Both of our chiropractors are trained in spinal adjustments, physical rehabilitation, and the use of modalities such as ultrasound and electrotherapy. In addition, our chiropractors are able to offer IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue therapy – similar to Graston therapy), acupuncture, and kinesiotaping. Our clinic also dispenses medical products such as custom-made orthotics, compression stockings, and bracing. When necessary, we provide clinical notes back to the other members of a patient’s healthcare team, to ensure that everyone is fully informed regarding a patient’s health and treatment.