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Commonly Asked Questions Series – (2) Adjustments

Can I go to a chiropractor and not get adjusted? Frequently, while discussing consent with patients, and while going over various treatment options, patients are surprised when chiropractic adjustments are offered as optional, or when I suggest we avoid adjustments altogether. This is because many people think that “chiropractic treatment” is synonymous with “spinal adjusting,”…
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Commonly Asked Question Series – (1) X-Rays

My last chiropractor took x-rays to know where to treat, how do you know where to treat without them? There are many different approaches to chiropractic treatment. Some chiropractors feel that everyone should have radiographic imaging (x-rays) completed prior to treatment, so that they can measure certain lines or angles and see how your spine…
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Compression Stockings Part II

This is a continuation of Dr Stone's Compression Stocking Blog posted on December 16, 2019. If you haven't read Part I - you can check it out here. How do compression stockings work? Compression stockings are designed with a gradual compression. The highest compression is at the ankle, with a gradual reduction in compression as…
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Compression Stockings Part I

Aren't compression stockings for old people? Many people are under the impression that compression stockings are solely for the elderly. In the past, compression stockings were made primarily in neutral colours such as beige, brown, and black. Due to more recent research which indicates further benefit from compression therapy than just 'old legs', many compression…
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