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A New Chapter

After being with us for a little over a year, Sarah Eskins has decided to move on! She is starting a new chapter in her life and moving far away from civilization and clean drinking water. Just kidding. Sarah has been a reliable therapist for MiltonBackDoc and our patients.  She has always brought a continually…
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Stress distress? De-stress!

Yep, easily said, tough to do. Speaking as someone who came from a 60-hour work week, and being basically on-call 24/7, including while on vacation, I know what stress feels like. When I was younger, stress was a motivator. It pushed me to try hard, and it pushed me towards results. And results spurred me…
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Fad Diets, Fad Exercise

Oh the humanity of aging!  Nothing makes a person more humble than letting out a huge groan ("Uungh!") when getting up off the couch.  Or getting up off the toilet!  Come to think of it, why DOES one of the most basic human functions involve a power-squat? Well, that's a question for another time... digressing…
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We Know How to Team Build AND Have Fun!

So we at MiltonBackDoc felt that it was time for some team building.  Uggh, right? WRONG!  For our team building event, we went axe throwing!  Yep, you read that right.  Last weekend our team visited "Bad Axe Throwing" in Burlington.  And it was an absolute blast! We got to let our hair down (those of…
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