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Heat Stress and Heat Stroke

With the crazy hot summer we've had so far, combined with the latest evidence showing that it is crucial to our health to be active, it seems prudent to discuss how to keep cool in this ridiculous ridiculous heat. As an aside, most of the worlds scientists agree that the global temperature is continuing to…
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The Road to a Healthy and Injury Free Season!

Many endurance athletes experience lingering / nagging discomfort throughout the year that they just “live with” and “train through” and are able to continue doing what they love to do.  Most of the time this doesn’t result in any severe long term effects.  However, it does take a little bit of joy out of what…
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Welcome Cindy!

Yes, we did it! We are adding another Chiropractor to our team, and she's awesome!  Dr. Cindy Lewis joins the MiltonBackDoc team as of Thursday August 9th! Dr. Lewis is a Canadian trained Chiropractor and she is registered with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario and is also a member of the Ontario and Canadian…
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Kids In Triathlon Series – Milton

Ever wonder what it's like to do a triathlon? With all the excitement around getting moving and it being awesome for your health, what about getting your kids to try it? Well, KITCAN stands for Kids In Triathlon, and the organization is running its first official series, and one of the events is in Milton!…
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