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Custom Bracing

Bracing products can be helpful at a variety of stages of rehabilitation and recovery. From stabilization and limiting harmful ranges of motion in the healing stages, to providing flexible support that moves with you and enhances function, bracing can help you perform at your best. While the best bracing is custom fit and selected for your condition and body type, custom bracing doesn't have to be out of reach or unreasonably expensive.

Our practitioners can help you select a brace that meets with your goals and your budget. Whether you want added stability to safely regain mobility while continuing your rehabilitation, need extra support for daily activities - including work - or would benefit from added control during physical activity, we can fit you with the best bracing possible.

MiltonBackDoc features Bauerfeind products made with anatomically knitted breathable fabrics with viso-elastic inserts. Their special construction provides therapeutic massage and support, stimulating circulation and promoting healing, making them ideal for most subacute and chronic conditions.

Other brands (ie. DonJoy) are available from MiltonBackDoc. As always, bracing is selected on a custom basis with the patient's preferences, goals and recommendations from their other health care providers in mind.

Custom Bracing products and services are provided at MiltonBackDoc by Dr. Kuehnel, Dr. Wardrope, Dr. Kissoondath, Dr. Maziarz, and Dr. Vora.

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