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Fall Colours – On the Ground!

With winter in the air, and the white stuff getting ready to dump on the lawn, it's about time to get the yard cleaned up! And that means everyone's "favourite" task: raking leaves! It's one of those 'have-to-do' things in terms of yard cleanup before the winter, and it can even be an enjoyable task:…
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New Services and a New Team Member

Yes, it's true! We have finally added a Physiotherapist to our clinic. Our newest team member is Karthik Somasundaram.  He has over 15 years experience as a Physiotherapist.  He has worked as a Physiotherapist in India, and has been a lecturer at the Malaysia campus of Northumbria University!  In addition to over 5 years of Canadian…
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Movember Part Deux

Yep! Movember is here again, and yet again I'm participating. My Movember page is right here. That's right, it's as easy as clicking that link to donate to the cause.  This year I'm setting a fundraising goal of $300! That would double what I raised last year, and would be more than worth the pain…
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Treating Low Back Pain

A great video from Dr. Mike Evans on one of the most common ailments we see in the office - low back pain.  This video offers a great review of some general categories of low back pain.

The first priority of the therapists in our office is to determine into which general category of low back pain your symptoms fall, and whether or not that type of low back pain will benefit from treatment in our office, or if you should be referred out to another health care provider. While there are some conditions that require more complex intervention, thankfully, most low back pain is "mechanical" in nature.  This means it is the result of some irritated nerves, joints, muscles, discs or ligaments, but that there isn't anything seriously, or structurally wrong!

As back pain can be quite severe, we often hear concerns from our patients that something is "really wrong" with their back, but as you'll see in the video, despite severe symptoms and in some cases, findings on xray or MRI, most back pain is not a sign of a serious problem and can be managed with manual therapy, education and over the counter medication.

Dr. Evans includes acupuncture, massage therapy, spinal manipulation (or adjustments by chiropractors) and exercise/activity in his core list of treatments for low back pain.  Our therapists are committed to helping you return to your normal movement and function, and to educate you on how you can manage your symptoms at home, for both this episode of back pain, and those in the future.  This almost always involves instruction in home exercise, stretches and how to modify your activities.

As Dr. Evans says, "Movement is Medicine," - let our therapists help you find the right dose.