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Winter Walking

This blog was developed as a collective effort by the Southwest Region (Ontario) Falls Prevention Network (SWRFPN). Safe Winter Walking Resource Information Physical activity throughout the year is a part of healthy aging and can help prevent falls and fractures. Top Tips for Winter Walking: Be prepared with reflective gear, warm clothing, and non-slip footwear.…
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Deep Tissue Massage, please!

"Deep Tissue" massage is a common request in almost any massage therapy office.  Usually, when patients are requesting, or indicating a preference for "Deep Tissue" massage, they're trying to request a firmer pressure be used in the massage to achieve effects at tissue layers that are deeper relative to the skin surface.  Despite how common…
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Fall Colours – On the Ground!

With winter in the air, and the white stuff getting ready to dump on the lawn, it's about time to get the yard cleaned up! And that means everyone's "favourite" task: raking leaves! It's one of those 'have-to-do' things in terms of yard cleanup before the winter, and it can even be an enjoyable task:…
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New Services and a New Team Member

Yes, it's true! We have finally added a Physiotherapist to our clinic. Our newest team member is Karthik Somasundaram.  He has over 15 years experience as a Physiotherapist.  He has worked as a Physiotherapist in India, and has been a lecturer at the Malaysia campus of Northumbria University!  In addition to over 5 years of Canadian…
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