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Do You Accept Insurance?

When booking patients, I'm often asked "Do you accept insurance?" Many people don't realize that this is a much more complicated question than they think.  In short the answer is 'Yes, we do', however the more relevant question is "Does your insurance allow us to bill them directly?" While it is true that many wellness…
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Why does it hurt when I put my hand up?

One of those signs that we think indicates that we are aging, is when simple tasks cause you pain. Like when you raise your arm above your shoulder to put on your coat, and your shoulder hurts! Huh? You ask yourself: "When did that start?" Or worse, just lifting your arm to put on deodorant…
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Welcome our newest RMT!

Jason Verbruggen is our newest Registered Massage Therapist! He comes to us with great references from his previous clinic in Burlington, and he officially starts with MiltonBackDoc on Monday February 26th, 2018. Jason started off his career as a paramedic.  After getting a taste of what it was like to help others in extreme situations,…
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Skiing looks fun, but I might get hurt!

Ski season is in full swing, and with the (mostly) cold weather this year, the slopes are in great shape, and conditions are excellent. Given the great ski season so far, I initially wanted to do a blog post about common skiing injuries, because who wants to get hurt in the middle of the season?…
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