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Treating During a Pandemic

Do you have musculoskeletal pain? Wishing you could see someone for treatment? Like you, many others are worried about what it looks like to go to a clinic for hands-on treatment during a global pandemic, and are staying home (thank you!) but suffering with mechanical pain.

MiltonBackDoc is offering emergency chiropractic visits as of Monday May 11th, and we understand that many folks have questions regarding infection control and hygiene practices in clinics like ours. Our staff and management have been working for several weeks on creating best practices to ensure that our office is as safe as possible for our patients, our providers, and our staff.

After a few days working in our new office environment, here are a few excerpts from a message from Dr Paul to the rest of our therapists. Published here with his permission, of course, and a few edits for grammar and spelling (no offence, Paul!). Hopefully it will provide you with some insight into our process.

"Are you wondering what it is like to practice during a pandemic? Maybe you are anxious about what the clinical environment and patient interactions will be like when you resume patient care. I can assure you there is good reason to stay optimistic.

Here is what it has been like for me so far. I arrive 45 minutes before the appointment and am the only one in the office. This allows adequate time to review the patient file, prepare, and dedicate as much attention as necessary to fully address any treatment requirements without the pressure of making another patient wait or tying up a room. There are no distractions and your focus can be on patient care. This helps me feel clear and confident in the direction the encounter will go.

Patients call up that they are at the front door. Geoff is available remotely to electronically submit to their insurance if needed. I greet the patient at our MiltonBackDoc door which is already propped open. I am wearing a mask, goggles, and gown. The patient is instructed to wash their hands and don a fresh mask. We then proceed to a treatment room.

So far, the patient feedback has been extremely positive. Everyone was grateful we were able to accommodate them, hear their concerns, share our quarantine experiences, and benefit from treatment. The patients were at ease and did not express any concerns about the required PPE and I believe they understood MiltonBackDoc went to great lengths to maximize their safety. All appointments were an hour duration and my only complaint was that my goggles would steam up and I'd get sweaty doing manual work faster than usual (maybe I am just out of shape now) but I would like to think it’s just the gown.

The patients all expressed gratitude for getting the extra attention during the pandemic. You can see it on their body language how the lay on the table with their arms outstretched in relief and walk out of the treatment room with improved posture and mood. It is very rewarding to have this effect for people during a stressful time. This is some of their only human interaction in the last two months…and mine too.

There is a mandatory 30-minute buffer between patients to properly disinfect the clinic and prevent community spread. It also gives a chance to complete clinic notes so there is no homework! Other than that, it is just good to get back to practice and have some human connection and see the benefits you can make in someone's life which reminds me why I chose this profession in the first place."

We appreciate Paul, his contribution to building and implementing our procedures, his dedication to our patients, and his willingness to evolve his approach to practice, in a very short time frame, in order to accommodate safety in uncertain times.

We are working on making our policies and procedures reader friendly, and will be posting more details about them as they progress and develop.

If you are in a significant amount of pain, or your pain limits the activities of your daily living, you may qualify for an emergency visit. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the office via email at or call us at 905-864-9799.

To all of our patients, who we miss very much, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy, and we look forward to when we can see you again!

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