Contact Information: (905) 864-9799

Dr. Patrick Maziarz is a Chiropractor with over a decade of experience in the strength and conditioning/rehab field working with National, Collegiate, and developmental athletes most notably working with team Canada Beach Volleyball, Canoe/kayak and Wheelchair Basketball.

From his youth, Patrick has been heavily fascinated with the human body, its biology, mechanics, and its resilience – particularly its capacity to adapt and heal with proper care. This fascination stemmed from his mentors he’s had throughout his career and his own interest in trying to achieve peak performance with his athletic endeavours, finding particular interest in hockey which led him to play at the Junior Hockey level across southern Ontario. Patrick has a proven track record as a coach for using the best available evidence to educate, prevent and treat individuals within the scope of practice which translates into his philosophies of care.

Outside of clinic, Dr. Maziarz enjoys spending his time playing sports, exercising, trying out a new recipe (especially on his smoker), watching Formula 1 and praying that this'll be the year for the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.

Dr. Maziarz is available for appointments on Monday and Thursdsay mornings and alternating Saturdays.


Dr. Maziarz holds Baccalaureate degrees with honours in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. He received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

He has additional certifications in Complete Concussion Management (CCMI); Integrated Needling Acupuncture; Athletic Wrapping & Taping; and is a Certified Personal Trainer. These qualifications give him valuable experience in managing sporting related injuries and providing concussion rehabilitation.