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Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings are custom fitted garments that assist in preventing edema, treating varicose veins and promoting circulation in the lower limbs.

They are ideal for people who are at risk for venous and varicose veins, people who stand or sit for prolonged periods of time, or people who experience edema in their legs.  Compression Stockings may also be appropriate in pregnancy or for those who frequently travel by plane.  Many athletes also report reduced recovery time when wearing compression stockings during and after a run.

MiltonBackDoc fits and dispenses Bauerfeind compression garments, a world renowned brand for quality, breathability and durability. All compression stockings are custom measured and fit. Those of 20mmHg of compression or higher are eligible for re-imbursement under most extended health care plans.

Compression Stocking products and services are provided at MiltonBackDoc by Dr. Kuehnel, Dr. Wardrope, Dr. KissoondathDr. Vora, Dr Maziarz, and our RMTs Julianne, and Melissa.  All of these practitioners are certified compression therapy fitters, to ensure that you have the best possible fit from your compression garments.

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