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Welcome Back Sonia!

Many of you may remember Sonia from the 'old days' at our previous location on Main Street.  She worked as one of our part-time receptionists while training to become an RMT.  After a brief break, she has returned, registered and re-joined our team!  Sonia started as an RMT with MiltonBackDoc this week on Monday August 21st.

Sonia is not your typical RMT. She comes from an extensive background in the corporate world, where service excellence is the name of the game. She has held several corporate positions including 13 years in Banking, 3 years in Procurement and 7 years in the Automotive industry.

Sonia has a passion for people, and after moving to Canada, felt that she needed a change in career away from corporate, to a more hands on environment where she could help and make a difference in the lives of her fellow-man.

Sonia started training as an RMT at Trillium College in Burlington in 2014 (now Oxford College) and graduated in 2016.  While also working at MiltonBackDoc, she took the opportunity to develop her perspective of the healthcare industry.  Ultimately, this solidified her decision to start on her new career path and she is excited to start serving the community.

Sonia has had several patients this week, and is already receiving excellent reviews!  Appointments with her will be coveted!  Don't wait to call and book your massage with her!

You can check out Sonia's availability and the rest of her bio here.

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