Contact Information: (905) 864-9799

Sonia started with MiltonBackDoc in August of 2017.

Sonia is not your typical RMT! She comes from an extensive background in the corporate world, where service excellence is the name of the game. She has held several corporate positions including 13 years in Banking, 3 years in Procurement and 7 years in the Automotive industry.

Sonia has a passion for people and after moving to Canada felt that she needed a change in career away from corporate, to a more hands on environment where she could help and make a difference in the lives of her fellow-man.

Sonia started training as an RMT at Trillium College in Burlington in 2014 (now Oxford College) and graduated in 2016.  During her training, she also assisted MiltonBackDoc as a part-time receptionist!  She took the opportunity to learn more about the in's and out's of the trade, meanwhile gaining perspective and respect for the healthcare industry.  Ultimately, this solidified her decision to start on her new career path and she is excited to start serving the community.

Sonia is available in the evenings Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and daytime on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as many Saturdays.  Like our other providers, she is set up for direct billing with every major insurer.

Massage Style

Sonia's massage style is consistent, thorough and even, making her style suitable for relaxation oriented and therapeutically focused massage. She uses a variety of broad contacts combined with more specific techniques, such as trigger point therapy and cross fibre frictions to focus on symptomatic tissue areas. Her approach is holistic but tailored to each individual patient.